As a long-time fan of NIVEA I was super excited to partner on their NIVEA Crème campaign. NIVEA is a brand that I always have on hand, in the form of a cleanser, moisturiser or face cream. NIVEA Crème, is one of my all-time favourites because it moisturises on the next level! Especially during winter when your skin could do with a bit more TLC.

I thought I’d share my tips for keeping your skin soft and glowing in winter using NIVEA Crème. Here’s my top 3:

Exfoliate All Over

I love exfoliating all year round but especially in winter. It removes dead skin cells, and leaves your skin feeling fresh and alive. If you’re already exfoliating your face on the regular, extend to the body and notice an amazing difference.

Overnight Moisturise

Overnight moisturising in winter is a cool trick I picked up a while back. Have a shower before bed in warm water (not too hot) and then coat yourself afterwards in NIVEA Crème. In the morning your skin will feel a million bucks! Just remember to wear old PJs. Moisturising your feet with Crème and then wearing socks to bed is another genius tip for heavenly feet in the morning.

Remember the Neck & Décolletage

Neck and décolletage area is so important and spending time on this area will benefit you in the long run. There’s nothing worse than a dry neck or rough skin on your cleavage area – particularly from too much sun during the summer. I rely on NIVEA Crème to help me look radiant in this area and apply in circular motions to get a massage and moisturising benefits in one.

Thank you to NIVEA for partnering on this post.